15 December 2012: w/ Noah Mickens!

15 December 2012: w/ Noah Mickens!

We do this “White Noise Christmas” thing every year where Noah slowly gifts me his entire noise music recording collection live on the air.  Revelry is had by all!  White Noise Xmas with special guest Noah Mickens gifting me his noise music collection!

Silent Night Moodring Six Feet Below the Snow
Track 2 Kobi Earplugged
Track 6 Democri$y Recent Atrocities
Track 2 ENE Terror Split Terror Rhythm
Urchin Barrens Number None Second Annual Retort: Apartment Thunder
Track 7 Ant Brain Worm Ant Brain Worm
Don’t Fall Victim Rot Intense Noise Core
Track 5 Porca Celeb Untitled
Death Begins in the Colon Bastard Noise Rrrevenge Disc 2 (PUMPKINMAN)
Homerun Marko Cicilliani untitled
isolationthroughdistortion Nkondi fieldofcouches


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