1 September 2012: w/ Ilima Considine

1 September 2012: w/ Ilima Considine

The queen Sexbot makes an instudio visit.  1st Hour is electronic music Pre-Game Show, 2nd Hour features Ilima Considine interview and preview of Sexbots album Love Hotel!

Expect Nothing Cabaret Voltaire The Mix-Up
Smoke Rings Photek Electricity
Good Vibrations Psychic TV God Star
Urania Pan Sonic Electricity
Heartbeat Big Black Rich Man’s 8 Track
Metal Fingers In My Body Add N to X Electricity
Lorelei Cocteau Twins Treasure
Lorry in My Mind Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Release Your Mind
Keep Working Cyoakha Grace O’ Manion Unknown Music from Dream-Quest of Kadath
Spastik Plastikman Electricity
Territory (The Epic of the Rage) Test Dept Pax Britannica
Song of Paper Kronos Quartet w/ Tan Dun Ghost Opera
Set You Up The Sexbots Love Hotel
Lisa Lisa The Sexbots Love Hotel
Losing My Edge lcd soundsystem Electricity
To Whom It May Concern The Sexbots Love Hotel
I Married a Vampire David & Jad Fair Halloween Songs
Do You Still Want To? The Sexbots Love Hotel
Time Dilations in a Holographic Universe Four Dimensional Nightmare Icicles
Solar Power The Sexbots Love Hotel
Amiss, Abyss, A Kiss (excerpt) Bruce Friedman & Motoko Honda Edge Study
Anna Veronica The Sexbots Love Hotel

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