04 August 2012: Memorial Based Moments.

04 August 2012: Memorial Based Moments.

Wolves Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
trial by fire (or Jandek’s Vagina) Leopards unreleased
Guardian Weekend Remix (excerpt) Juxtavoices The Wire Tapper 29
How Can You Drag Your Body Blindly Through? Hood The Cycle of Days and Seasons
Personal Monster Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations
Heart Shuttering Foxdye ladyz in noyz 3
Electrocuting An Elephant (1902) Golden Disko Ship Prehistoric Ghost Party
Like Foxes Through Fences American Analog Set Know By Heart
Banshee Beat Animal Collective Feels
Casting a Spell Motion Sickness of Time Travel ladyz in noyz 3
Things Behind the Sun Nick Drake Pink Moon
Inner Ear Rupture Melvins Lite Freak Puke

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