2 June 2012 (No Recording)

2 June 2012 (No Recording)

put a bird on it

Human Music Soft Boys Can of Bees
Track One Abusive Consumer Concrete Decimation in Dub
Octagon Liars WIXIW
One Thousand Cycles Christian Marclay Records
#9 Moodring Scared of Ferret
Rust Chris Knox Songs of You and Me
Hurricane Blues Loon Loon
Snare Girl Wixel Wixel Plays Sonic Youth
freezer burn/I wanna be your dog Sonic Youth Confusion Is Sex
Children the dead c Eusa Kills
iomante Xambuca Sound Cloud
Don’t Be Afraid, the Crow is Afraid Too L.A. Lungs Cryptic Snuggling
Foil Autechre Amber
anestetic revelation Dimenticarmi Non! Dimenticarmi Non!

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