25 February 2012: Dedicated To Austin Rich

25 February 2012: Dedicated To Austin Rich

What’s This Called? for this week is dedicated to our beloved co-host Yet Another Pope Austin Rich who will be leaving the KPSU building this week with the final KPSU episode of Blasphumus Radio this very afternoon, Saturday February 25th. Austin will still be coming back once a month or so to What’s This Called? as our co-host, but Blasphumus Radio is off to new horizons (no not the swingers club in Seattle called New Horizons, I swear you people have such dirty minds!) We love you Austin, this notes for you.

Me & You Rembering Firehose If’n
Revolution Spacemen 3 Single
Man On the Silver Mountain His Name Is Alive Always Stay Sweet
A Free the berg sans nipple along the quai
Windmills of Your Mind Dusty Springfield The Best of Dusty
Track One Aural Resuscitation Unit Dub Plate Vol. 1
Welcome, Ghosts Explosions in the Sky all of a sudden, I miss everyone
My Favorite Buildings Robyn Hitchcock Invisible Hitchcock
In Seven That Spells The Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: Aum
Leap Orbit Service A Calm Note from the West
Journey Through Outer Darkness Sun Ra Concert for the Comet Kohoutek

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