7 January 2012: w/ Ilima Considine!

7 January 2012: w/ Ilima Considine!

Ilima Considine

Today on What’s This Called? Ricardo Wang featured an interview with local artist Ilima Considine.  In-Studio interview with Ilima Considine.  However, Ricardo was suffering from a frog lodged inexplicably in his throat.  So, at the last minute, I stepped up to the plate and offered my vocals for the purposes of helping interview, and feature, her band The Sexbots, with tracks from their new album, and some violin pieces from a zombie movie soundtrack that she recorded.  Check out her website (liked above) for information about upcoming shows, and how you can get a copy of her new album,Don’t Stop.   While I always feel a little strange filling in for The Wang, he was there the whole time helping guide the show, and this is very much a WTC? show in every form.


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