17 September 2011: further decompressions (No Recording)

17 September 2011: further decompressions (No Recording)

This/Past Rebecca Moore Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
I Could Drive Forever Smog Knock Knock
What’s This Called? ID Crank Sturgeon Exclusive!
The Sun Highlights the Lack in Each Palace Arise Therefore
Using the Hope Diamond as a Doorstep American Analog Set From Our Living Room to Yours
Cry Baby Cry Bardo Pond Ticket Crystals
Theremin Solo Dr. Samuel Hoffman Brain in a Box
Texture Orchestra Marlo Eggplant 2011
Heaven Is of Honey Einsturzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
Look A Ghost Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
Without Feathers Blonde Redhead Blonde Redhead
When Will You Come Home Galaxie 500 On Fire
On the Wall The Jesus & Mary Chain Barbed Wire Kisses
Acoustic Phenomena (edit) Glenn Branca Tellus

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