23 July 2011: 2 Hr. Special! (No Recording)

23 July 2011: 2 Hr. Special! (No Recording)

2 Hr Special today on What’s This Called? from Noon to 2 PM Pacific Time with sonic goodness from the likes of Savage Republic, Late Severa Wires, Soup Purse, Yuchiro Fujimoro, Legendary Pink Dots, Suicide, Sobou Shuu, Tiffany Lee Brown, Ramsey Lewis, and MORE

Track One Aural Resuscitation Unit Dub Plate Vol. 1
Last Known Surroundings Explosions in the Sky Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Tarot 2 for You Eric Hausmann with Tiffany Lee Brown 16 Degrees
Alien Observer grouper PDX Pop Now 2011
Child It’s a New World Suicide American Supreme
Allowing Them Entrance Soup Purse Nanopocolyptic Profizzy
Live @ the Olympia Experimental Music Festival The Late Severa Wires MP3

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