26 March 2011: 2 HR Special (No Recording)

26 March 2011: 2 HR Special (No Recording)

Next to Nothing (cut) Savage Republic Tragic Figures
oakca Tecumseh Return to Everything
When All Else Fails Savage Republic Tragic Figures
Absolution Hypnogogic Orchestra The Hypnogogic Orchestra
Blooms Eventually Pulseprogramming Wire Tapper 9
2016 a Space Atrocity Hop-Frog’s Fatwa The Silk Road
Sweet Lightning Juice Earthmonkey Alms of Morpheus
Public Health Bomb Bob Bucko JR Volte Face
Night Goat Melvins Roots of Nirvana
The Hangman’s Ball Threshold Houseboy’s Choir Amulet Edition
Valley of the Shadow of Death Throbbing Gristle D.O.A. The Third and Final Report
Sex Bomb Flipper Roots of Nirvana
Beaverstate EET Art Rooster
A Mighty Stillness (remix) A Small Good Thing Wire Tapper 9
Abstract Big City Orchestra Cockamame
Alabama Song Ute Lemper All That Jazz
The Empress and the Ukraine King Can Unlimited Edition
Blood of the Land (edit) daniel menche Blood of the Land

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