5 March 2011: Two Hour Show w/ Noah Mickens (No Recording)

5 March 2011: Two Hour Show w/ Noah Mickens (No Recording)

Saturday 3/5/11 on What’s This Called? Noon-2 PM Pacific Time I’m joined by my close personal friend and ringmaster of Portland’s seedy underbelly Noah Mickenspresenting new Polyglot Agency releases including: Machine Gun noise opera and Stooges saxman Steve MacKay w/ Radon Collective. photo by Kenneth Barton This is a special 2 hr show also mixing in artists Noah helped introduce to me including Rebecca Moore & Green Milk from the Planet Orange plus other favorites from Nico to the Dead C., Edward Ka-Spel and MORE!

Spectral Vapor in the Nueral Machine Rebecca Moore Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
A Vision in a Mirror in a Movie in a Dream United Scum Soundclash Machine Gun
Storm Season Prophets of Doom Bogville Exclusive Soundtrack
The Prisoner Steve Mackay Sometimes Like This I Talk
L.A. Blues The Stooges Funhouse
Track One Bastard Noise with Sikhara Tukhano Khalkha
Track Eight Hop-Frog’s Fatwa The Silk Road
Jeng Nequaquam Vacuum Black Plague Society
Batz in the Belfry No Gothz in Site Sardonik Grin Ccobocc
You Could Smell the Nightmares on the Pillow steve mackay and the radon ensemble You’ve Got Your Orders Vol. 2
Chasing the Asbestos United Scum Soundclash Machine Gun
Miastenia Ovo Anime Morte
Now I Fall the dead c Eusa Kills
Track 2 Edward Ka-Spel Dream Loops
Julius Caesar Nico The Marble Index
Sometimes My Bloody Valentine Loveless
Driving Eyes Closed Bob Bucko JR Volte Face
Atlantis Sun Ra Atlantis

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