29 January 2011 (No Recording)

29 January 2011 (No Recording)

Acoustic Barber Pole Flourescent Grey Drinking the Goat’s Blood
O (live 2/09/98) Office Products Business
Two Minutes Wire Red Barket
Soon My Bloody Valentine Lovelessq
Quiyhtonatiuh – Quetzalcoatl (WIND) nadja Under the Jaguar Sun
Raga Big City Orchestra Cockamame
A Fruitfly in the Beehive Gang of Four Content Was Always My Favorite Color
Black Holes Ghost to Falco Exotic Believers
Despair Japan Quiet Life
Blue Plastic Mat Jandek Chicago Wednesday
Nostalgia Ever After Sand Snowman Nostalgia Ever After
I Can’t Speak Wobly Drinking the Goat’s Blood

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