31 July 2010: Two Hours of Aural Bliss This Week!

31 July 2010: Two Hours of Aural Bliss This Week!

Siesta Lightspeed Blue Faces Infamous Polywogs Vol. 2?
Stockholm Syndrome Johanna Buccola with Steve Fisk MP3
Feed Me Yr Kiss Aidan Baker Songs of Flowers & Skin
Decay Chart Porter Ricks Porter Ricks
Anagrama Sonic Youth SYR 1
His New Look Bongwater Breaking No New Ground
Old Bird Tape Yuchiro Fujimoto Kinoe
All the Stars Are Dead Now Current 93 Thunder Perfect Mind
Damn Mad Pierre Bastien Mecanoid
Whiskey Priest Make Believe Bombs DSMS 013
Quiuhtonatiuh nadja Under the Jaguar Sun
The Bouncing Wall Autolux Transit Transit
Track 2 (edit) Pro-Ex Marauders Suminassen Ga Chotto,…./ Valentines
Firebomb Chrome 3rd from the Sun
Intermezzo/Yu-Gung (live) Einsturzende Neubauten Strategies Against Archetecture II
Death of a Fly Halo Of Flies Music For Insect Minds
The Weasel Moodring Scared of Ferret
Time Zones Negativland Escape from Noise
Ratamahata Sepultura Roots

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