17 July 2010

17 July 2010

we are all on the air. we are all dinosaurs. we can coexist.

Take 3 (edit/remix) Spring Heel Jack 68 Million Shades
Track 3 Pro-Ex Marauders Suminassen Ga Chotto,…./ Valentines
Final Solution Pere Ubu Terminal Towers
Future Ghosts Chrome 3rd from the Sun
Continental Breakfast Drift Aural Resuscitation Unit Beaver Moon
Hit by a Rock Throbbing Gristle The Third and Final Report of
The Ineffable Me Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves
Body to Body, Job to Job Swans Body to Body, Job to Job
Varana Swing Earthmonkey DR UM Machine
Himmelbjerget Efterklang Under Giant Trees
False Dymaxion Anakrid Banishment Rituals of the Disenlightened

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