26 June 2010

26 June 2010

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified…”

What Love Is Rocket From the Tombs Rocket Redux
At the Stake Melvins Stoner Witch
Evil Eye Pussy Galore Dial M for Motherfucker
Music Like Escaping Gas This Heat This Heat
Autriche Autechre Incunabula
Weeping Wall David Bowie Low
Into the Doom Moodring Scared of Ferret
White Daytime Aritomo Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages
Track 22 Aural Resuscitation Unit an Industry of Metals
Your Beard is Growing Psychic Expo 70 Sonic Messenger
Sigur 9 A Sigur Ros Untitled #1
It Doesn’t Matter Anyway Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations

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