24 April 2010

24 April 2010

“It gets me nowhere to tell you no.” – ONJ

Anthrax Gang of Four A Brief History of the Twentieth Century
Time Travel (rough) Ilima Considine MP3
Rustling Paper (unmixed) Ilima Considine’s Junkie Logic MP3
Realize Codeine Barely Real
Track 2 No Neck Blues Band Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Name Will Never Hurt Me
Hakanairo Aritomo Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages
Bleed Animal Collective Fall Be Kind EP
In the Garden of Ghostflowers black happy day in the garden of ghostflowers
Whose Mister Is This Jandek Portland Thursday
Track 2 Boris Absolute Go
Hypnogirl Swans Swans Are Dead

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