3 April 2010: w/ Cedes

3 April 2010: w/ Cedes

Featuring lots of local stuff at first and stuff my friend Cedes picked towards the end.

Dark Entries Bauhaus In the Flat Field
CD2 Track 10 daniel menche concussions
Dub Clash Eric Hausmann Slow Ambient Dub
Closest Thing to Paralyze pink snowflakes Sun Chasing
At the Base of the Mountain of Noise Sun City Girls Piasa…Devourer of Men
Killmekillmekillme Green Milk From the Planet Orange You Show Me the World
Adrift The Silverman Mutant Sound for Mutant People
Candle Sonic Youth Daydream Nation
Bleed Animal Collective Fall Be Kind EP
Tandoori Chicken Scooter III Sudden Infant Psychotic Einzelkind
Alien To Be the dead c Eusa Kills
Miami Morning Coming Down Earth hibernaculum

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