21 February 2009

21 February 2009

De Hit Uw Hypotheekadvies Nature or Nurture
Ommagio a Jerry Lee Lewis Richard Trythall CMCD
Scream Sonic Youth Tellus # 1
Corpse Live Skull Tellus # 1
Creditwise Tape-Beatles Music with Sound
Four Hours Hafler Trio Seven Hours of Sleep
One Cymbal (excerpt) Charlie Noyes Tellus # 2
Untitled SK Harp Sykora Untitled
Une Nuit Au Fond De La Fray Tuxedomoon Pinheads on the Move
Acoustic Phenomena Glenn Branca Tellus # 10
O Frabulous Day (The Jabberwock) harry partch Tellus #14
Don’t Sit There Fandango For Now Infamous Polywogs Vol. 1?
Lucy’s Lost Her Head Again Lydia Lunch & Lucy Hamilton Tellus # 10
Shut Up! Shut Up! The Residents Residue Deux
Guitar Trio (1977) (Recorded Live 5/79 NYC) Rhys Chatham (with Glenn Branca, Nina Canal, Wharton Tiers) Tellus # 1
American Coffin Thurston Moore Trees Outside the Academy

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