17 January 2009

17 January 2009

Loathsome Cowboy Year of the Lips Year of the Lips
V The Silverman Blank for Your Own Message
Nibelungen Nico The Marbel Index
Scream Thy Last Scream Pink Floyd Have You Got It Yet?
The Sea of Tranquility Pint Sized Sparticus Cloaven Radio
What’s This Called? ID Crank Sturgeon MP3
Daytripper Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey) Ramsey Lewis Mother Nature’s Son
Crow Bar The Crows single
Hal 9000 Hal 9000 2001: a Space Odyssey
The Thinner the Air Cocteau Twins Victorialand
Teenage Riot Wixel Wixel Plays Sonic Youth
Demagog Green Milk From the Planet Orange City Calls Revolution
A Prophet’s Oasis Robe Hadramaut
Echoic Memory Dub Sound Secretion Classic Selection
Endless Happiness Black Dice Beaches and Canyons
Paganism Israel Committee of Public Safety MP3
It’s All We Think About Anymore Soup Purse Nanonpocolyptic Profizzy
Alive dWavehed MP3
Black Sun Urthquake Discograph: 15 Years of Fury
Lesson No. 2 Glenn Branca The Ascension
Ocean Polka Dot Dot Dot Love Letter from New Zealand
Shaker Gullwing MP3
Lemuria Sun Ra Atlantis

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