8 November 2008: How’s It Named?

8 November 2008: How’s It Named?

November 1, 1959; 1:15 P.M. North Shore Line Interurban Memoriers
No Kolhoznoi Ptitsaferme (On The Collective Chicken Farm) Orkestar Vyacheslav Mescherin Easy USSR Volume I
Emerald Fanged Dancer Expo 70 Black Ohms
opretta Dabney Coleman Knife Fight Dabney Coleman Knife Fight
Tholus Urthquake 15 Years of Fury
33 Nevem Volt Európa Kiadó Love ’82
I Don’t Deserve Dessert L.A. Lungs Turntable Broken Prayer Book Lost
49er Stomp 9th Life (demo tape)
The Short Waves (Live) Mortal Engines Sugar Skull
Slag, Sklag The Memphis Goons While Elvis Slept 7″
Or Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
Track 02 Buck Rothy (demo)
The Many Voices Of Reason Anakrid Banishment Rituals of the Disenlightened
Drunken Boat The Cosmos Group Fried Robot Boogie & Ascension
Under The Junction Edward Ka-Spel Dream Logik Part Two
Broken Rope Half Eye Broken Rope (part 3)

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