4 October 2008

4 October 2008

Oh God, it’s October…

Egregiously Untitled (Esplendor vs. Michael Hovacsek) Vulgaricus Noise Mash-Ups 2
We Are Talking About Language L. A. Lungs Most of the Time We Don’t Realize We Are Shedding Our Skin
Death Rattle Peter Brotzman & Bill Laswell Low Life
The Problem of Leaking Condominiums Has Now Reached Epic Proportions Noggin Big Band Noggin Big Band
Going My Way Edward Ka-Spel Dream Logick Pt. 2
Thieves Max & Harvey Don’t
Seal Eyeing Animal Collective Water Curses
Milk DX Autechre Peel Session
On the Corner Miles Davis On the Corner
Italian Cities Fight Smog Nick Gray & the Random Orchestra Spin Vows Under Arch
Daniel’s Static Field (Daniel Mensch vs. Daniel Mensch) Vulgaricus Noise Mash-Ups 2

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