6 September 2008: 3 Years at KPSU (No Recording)

6 September 2008: 3 Years at KPSU (No Recording)

3 Years at KPSU!Dance of the Chandelier

I’m Insane Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising
We’r All Here to Have Fun and Catch Fish L.A. Lungs Turntable Broken Prayer Book Lost
Melted Crayons Fog Know
Laundry and Such Soup Purse Nanopocolyptic Profizzy
Act II Dellilah Sessions with Dr. Luv
Outer Space E.M. (Emergency) Sun Ra Concert for the Comet Kohoutek
It Rots Your Liver Legendary Pink Dots Ancient Daze
Happy Childhood Friends Key Party
On the Bridge shalloboi Oregone
Helicopters in a Vacuum Sun City Girls valentines from matahari
Kalpol Introl Autechre (Incunabula)
One Thousand Cycles Christian Marclay Records
Closing Jandek Graven Image
Fast Road to Nowhere (edit) Ariel Kalma Le Temps Des Moissons

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