19 July 2008

19 July 2008

New Ju Ju Baseball Camp Nurse The Last Days of Paper Plate Head
Black Om Rising Seven That Spells Black Om Rising
We Went There Valet PDX Pop Now! 2008
Splatterstrum Tonesucker Wire Tapper 17
Nommos’ Ghosts Muslimgauze Muslimgauze Systemwide Sound Secretion – Classics Selection
NAMBUTAN Sun City Girls Superculto 3: Carnival Folklore Ressurection
Pigface The Long Dead Sevens The White Waltz & Other Stories
Colony Structures Reinforce Larger Bodies Soup Purse Nanopocolyptic Profizzy
Horrorshow Mangled Bohemians Degeneration
Learning How to Crawl shalloboi Learning How to Crawl
Velvet Water (exerpt) Yellow Swans PDX Pop Now! 2008

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