10 May 2008

10 May 2008

“My soul has been psychedelicized!”

Bakafrica Ariel Kalma Le Temps Des Moissons
track two Nurse With Wound Zero Mix
Pollen Childhood Friends Key Party
I Don’t Like Such a Hot Day Akai Ikou Language Without Words
Razor Blade Sonic Youth the destroyed room
Part Two The Silverman Blank for Your Own Message: A Zen Opera in Seven Parts
Spem in Alium (Sing and Glorify) Kronos Quartet (Thomas Tallis) Black Angels
8 Doublures (part two) Uw Hypotheekadvies Nature or Nurture
Epitafio al Delerio de la Permanencia Part 2 Un Festin Sagital Epitafio a la Permanencia

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