12 April 2008: Pledge Drive

12 April 2008: Pledge Drive

Pledge Drive show with $50 Beta-lactam Ring Records gift certificates for a $25 Pledge!

Altibzz Autechre Quaristice
Esqueleto de Chapulin (edit) Soriah Ofrendas de Luz a Los Muertos
Happy Childhood Friends Key Party
I Wish It Was Colder George & Caplin He Really Got Through to Advertising…
The Stranger Tuxedomoon Pinheads on the Move
Tremens Sonic Youth SYR 1
Tree Beetle EET Spookfish
Bamboo Sheep Andrew Liles Black Beauty
Hip Fog Swirl Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Resurrection: A Bullet Through the Last Temple
Alone on that Mountain Jandek I Woke Up
Red Hot Noodle Akai Ikuo Language Without Words

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