02 February 2008

02 February 2008

I found the simple life, weren’t so simple…

Running With The Mash-Up David Lee Roth/Ennio Morricone Ha Ha
Serious Brainskin Von Sudenfed Tromatic Reflexxions
Leviathan Mortal Engines Pressure Vessel
Retina Volt Stream Gregory Lenczycki The Throne of Drones
Red Sky Peter Jefferies Closed Circuit
Levitating Orchards Sun City Girls valentines from matahari
The Singing Bridge of Memphis, Brooklyn Bridge Version/The Ceolcanth Lee Ranaldo I Am the Resurrection: A Tribute To John Fahey
Taki Rari Yma Súmac Ultra-Lounge
Medusa Cha Cha Cha Vinicio Capossela Ovunque Proteggi
Placing the Seed (extract) The Hafler Trio Sometimes Silence is an Answer
Methods of Torture Negativland Escape from Noise
Bine Autechre Confield
Horizon on Fire (studio mix) Thunderbolt Pagoda forthcoming

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