7 July 2007

7 July 2007

Special Two Hour Melting.

Mysterious Crystal Sun Ra Space is the Place Soundtrack
Unfinished Can Landed
Scuba Lounge Porter Ricks Porter Ricks
Of Tubal Cain Fursaxa alone in the dark wood
Sapphire Wave Earth Monkey Be That Charge
Shut Fog ut in gut’s house
Screaming at the Sea Dub Trio Cool Out and Coexist
Computer Age Sonic Youth Daydream Nation Deluxe
Going to Acapulco Bonnie “Prince” Billy Lay & Love
Creeping Obesity Pulse Emitter Creeping Obesity
Young Miles in the Basement Pere Ubu The Art of Walking
Turns Into Something Animal Collective Feels
A History of Bad Men Melvins (A) Senile Animal

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