27 January 2007: Goodbye Alice Coltrane.

27 January 2007: Goodbye Alice Coltrane.

We say goodbye to Alice Coltrane. We play a remix of Zoe Keating’s “Legions” from our unintentionally minimalistic lve broadcast some months ago (the remix fixes that!) Lots of other expunkamental drone, noise, and beauty for your devourement of course. Two hours worth (surprise!) yet again.

Andromeda Suffering Alice Coltrane Lord of Lords
Sri Rama Ohnedaruth Alice Coltrane Lord of Lords
Beautiful Plateau Sonic Youth the destroyed room
Legions (Special K War Drum Mix) Zoe Keating Remixes
Im Nimmerland Unfolkus Unfolkus
Endless Happiness Black Dice Beaches and Canyons
Evil Knievel Bran Flakes I Don’t Have a Friend
The Defeat of Modern Evil Metal Oregone
Heart Beat Faster Janet Feder & Fred Frith Ironic Universe
1992 The Work Rubber Cafe
Closeland Arumentix & Ghost to Falco Widow Masters
Forbidden Fruit Mattress Who Do You Lust
Me and My Shadow Christian Vogel Rescate 137
Goz Quarter Autechre Envane
International Colouring Contest Stereolab ABC Music Radio 1 Sessions
Spaced Out Legendary Pink Dots Ancient Daze
Tsunamiii dDamage Radio Ape

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