13 January 2007

13 January 2007

Another two hour show. I used to do six hours every week back in the ’90s, but now this seems like a reallly long time! That’s a good thing though – longer show, longer songs, more diverse selections…

Colussus Noisettes vs. Mortal Engines Static Blue
The Defeat of Modern Evil Metal Live at the Artistery
A Simple Desk Ophibre Radio Mix
Wolf & Hare black happy day in the garden of ghostflowers
Concerto 6 Portland Bicycle Ensemble Oregone
Dolana mustafa ozkent genclik ile elele
Unity Concepts Mouse on Mars Idiology
Heya King Kong Ding Dong s/t
Copycat Gogol Bordello East Infection
Petals shalloboi petals
Thaw Rebecca Moore Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
Prey Childhood Friends Scars
Making the Nature Scene Sonic Youth Confusion Is Sex
Forever Drone Joseph K Entomology
Gloves gowns s/t
Six Cats on a Dead Man’s Chest Edward Ka-Spel Eyes! China Doll
CD 1 Track 7 daniel menche concussions
Late Night Shopping David Sylvian Blemish
Placing the Seed (extract) The Hafler Trio Sometimes Silence is an Answer
Basic Hip Del Brent & John Close How to Speak Hip
Michiko Kawagoe Propagation Women Take Back the Noise
Milking the Dead for Distraction irr.app.(ext.) Perekuchenie
Ballad of the Brick Hunny Synnesthesia
White Dwarf Interstellar Doom Reek of Influence

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