2 September 2006 (No Recording)

2 September 2006 (No Recording)

I came into the station to find that our Automix was not running, so I assembled a quick “pre-game show” by throwing on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s excellent guest re-mix album Bricolages. The program itself features some great tracks off a compilation from Connecticut label Severered By Records called War of the Species, and a disc I just found in my box by composers Mikael Karlsson and Rob Stephenson called Dog (so we have an emerging “animal theme” here…) Plus of course the usual explosive miscellany.

Most of the CD (as a “Pre-Game Show”) Ryuichi Sakamoto Bricolages
Brains Will Eat the Biggest Teeth Disabled People on Buses War of the Species
Custom Hybrid Mikael Karlsson & Rob Stephenson Dog
Legions (aftermath) Zoe Keating One Cello x 16: Natoma
The Tribe Caspar Brotzmann Massaker Home
The Bite-inator Severed by Advertisements War of the Species
The Self Sufficient Sexual Shoe Nurse With Wound Rock n Roll Station
Showers & Baths The Noisettes Reek of Influence
Indirect Enquiries Wire 154
Mollusks, Waterfowl & Darning Needles Take the Invasion of Land Tim Sheldon War of the Species
Or Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
Crime Pays Jandek Living in a Moon So Blue
No Outlet Ffej Patterns in the Storm Vol. 1
She Walks Steve Fisk 448 Deathless Days
The Natural Bridge No Neck Blues Band Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Names Will Never Hurt Me
Fire Your Work Brian English Beyond Words
Waterfalls Breaking Around Your Shoulders shalloboi petals
I’m a Human Person Nice Nice Yesss!
The Tales of Solar Sail – Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Have You Seen the Other Side of the Sky

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