22 July 2006

22 July 2006

Pink Flag Wire Pink Flag
A Thirsty Fish/Dirty Fire The Hafler Trio The Tyranny of the Beat
asvol3 Analog Suicide Daruin/Analog Suicide Split
1001 Pleasant Dreams Mission Of Burma The Obliterati
Cellar Fire Delphine Dora For Christmas
Staccato Gricer Gricer
I Gave My Sister Ace of Base in the 3rd Grade, This is What She Gave Me Brian English Beyond Words
China Temple Zach Hill & Mick Barr Shred Earthship
Trust in Me Brunnen The Beekeeper’s Dream
Too Much Slack Oliver Squash s/t
Live @ the Olympia Experimental Music Festival The Late Severa Wires MP3
Alive dWavehead s/t
Noir Luciana Manca Ospiti
6ix Slackhog Will Eat Your Brain

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