12 November 2005

12 November 2005

Grand Theft Poultry – Take the Step Off X-Seed 4000 – Too Short to be an EP, EP
Grand Theft Poultry – i<3 ur Mom – Too Short to be an EP, EP
Sun Ra – Voice of Space – Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
Lisa Suckdog – The Fire of ’99 – Ghost Orchid

Beck – Broken Drum (Boards of Canada Remix) – Remix EP #1
Earthmonkey – And They Go Off to This Place – Audiosapien
Degenerate Art Ensemble – Oni Goroshi – Bastress

Soriah – Station – internet download
Black Dice – Twins – Broken Ear Record
Blowhole – It Plays Itself – Billowing Sheen
Jandek – Must Have Been a Micacle – White Box Requiem
Books on Tape – Kingston – Dinosaur Dinosaur
Sonic Youth – Silver Panites – The Silver Sessions

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