5 January 2019 (Vern Rumsey & Kento Oiwa Live!)

Red Rumsey AKA Vern Rumsey of Unwound and Long Hind Legs and Kento Oiwa of IQU AKA Malaise each perform solo sets in the second hour of this program. Ricardo Wang was late due to car trouble and Freeform Portland’s DJ Tock covered for the first half hour. An unusual plethora of new recordings surrounded the fresh live sounds.




  • Love “Alone Again Or – 2015 Remastered Version” [Forever Changes (2015 Remastered Version)]
  • Love “A House Is Not A Motel – 2015 Remastered Version” [Forever Changes (2015 Remastered Version)]
  • Love “Andmoreagain – 2015 Remastered Version” [Forever Changes (2015 Remastered Version)]
  • Love “The Daily Planet – 2015 Remastered Version” [Forever Changes (2015 Remastered Version)]
  • Eno • Hyde “Return” [High Life]
  • Welttraumforscher “Deine Allerschönsten Dinge – Barbara Morgenstern Remix” [21 Weltraum-Standards]
  • Welttraumforscher “Toter Mann – Neoangin Remix” [21 Weltraum-Standards]
  • Bob Bucko Jr. “A Loving Cup” [Did What I Could With What I Have]
  • Azalia Snail “I Am the Night Sky” [Neon Resistance]
  • Chester Hawkins “Proximity Fuse” [Semisolids]
  • Kento Oiwa “Live on What’s This Called?” [Freeform Portland]
  • Dan West “Signal Path” [L’ogic]
  • SONOLOGYST “Russian freq. 6525 kHz” [Active Noise Area]
  • Thollem/Clouser/Chase “It’s a Drab” [Dub Narcotic Session I]
  • Sarah Mega-Hertz “Synopsis” [Active Noise Area]
  • Vern Rumsey “Live on What’s This Called?” [Freeform Portland]
  • Tracy + The Plastics “Cut Glass See Thru” [Culture For Pigeon]
  • Ennio Morricone “Muchio Selvaggio” [Action 15 Cult Movie Classics]
  • Tracy + The Plastics “Oh Birds, This Is Dog-City” [Culture For Pigeon]
  • Blue Sausage Infant “Subferal” [Negative Space]
  • Circuitnoise “Live from Hawaii (Honolulu Airport) via Klirrphone “ [Active Noise Area]
  • The Sesame Street Kids “Somebody Come and Play” [Sesame Street: Songs From The Street, Vol. 2]



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About Ricardo Wang

I began doing Public/Community/College radio at KUGS FM in Bellingham, WA in 1985 and was there until 1987. I spent 10 years at KAOS FM in Olympia, WA from 1993-2003 including a one year stint as Music Director. During that entire time, I did the What's This Called? program, at times for as long as 6 hours in a single night! The show ran at KPSU in Portland, from 2005 to 2018. I've been happily at Freeform Portland since October of 2018 and loving every second at this exciting freeform station! I started the Olympia Experimental Music Festival in 1995 and have been playing music off and on in the Dead Air Fresheners since 1997.

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